How Kinesiology Tape Works

August 12, 2020

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Kinesiology or Kinesio Tex Tape is a special tape that can be applied directly to the skin. They are commonly seen on athletes during high-performance sports events. But aside from helping athletes, Kinesio tape is also used by people with various kinds of disorders and injuries.

Kinesio tape is very elastic and doesn’t restrain your skin’s flexibility in any way. When applied to the body, it slightly lifts the skin, leaving a microscopic space between the skin and the underlying tissues. This is what causes most of its health benefits.

Benefits Of Kinesio Tape

  1. Pain relief. If some muscles of your body are tense and knotted, the pressure of your skin might trigger the pain receptors in those areas. They would then send signals into your brain, telling you that you are in pain. Kinesio tape can lift the skin providing a small space between the muscles and the skin. This then decompresses the receptors and significantly relieves the pain.
  2. Improves blood and lymphatic fluid circulation. The decrease of pressure on blood and lymphatic vessels that Kinesio tape provides helps reduce swelling and quicken the healing of injuries and scars. According to recent studies, bruises on skin areas treated with kinesiology tape healed significantly faster than bruises on untreated areas.
  3. Provides support to joints. Lifting the skin is not the only effect of kinesiology tape. It can also support weakened joints, enhancing endurance and range of movement even after serious injuries. The tape stabilizes muscles, proving itself especially helpful for patients with Achilles tendonitis, knee splints, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, or general muscle pain.
  4. 4. Re-educates muscles. Kinesio tape promotes better posture by teaching your muscles to move in a more healthy way. This is due to an effect called proprioception, or awareness of your own body. Allegedly, the sensation of the tape being stuck to your skin can help you gain awareness of the way you stand and move, and thus improve the posture of your spine, neck, and head. It’s been known to also help you regain proper walking habits if you have suffered from a stroke.

When Not To Use Kinesio Tape

Even though it is a safe treatment option, there are situations when Kinesiology tape shouldn’t be used. You should never apply the tape to open wounds, fragile skin, or in case of allergy. The increase of blood flow it provides could be dangerous in some cases, such as in areas of active cancer or vein thrombosis. If any part of your body has decreased sensations due to diabetes or any other health condition, you may not notice an adverse reaction to the tape. As with any therapies or treatments, it’s always a good decision to consult with your doctors.

Kinesio tex tape does not easily fall off even if you sweat or take a shower. But for the tape to last for several days on your skin without damaging it or losing its therapeutic effect, it should be applied by a professional. The tape can be applied in different patterns and different degrees of stretching depending on the nature of your injury. If it’s not applied properly, you risk irritating your skin and causing more damage. Therefore, you should always consult your physical therapist both when placing and removing the kinesiology tape in Tampa.

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