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Slip and Fall - Head injuries

You've been in a slip and fall accident recently.

You want to get treated for your cuts and bruises or...
You want to be diagnosed to check if you have hidden injuries.
You want to have medical records as proof for your insurance claim.

If you answer 'yes' to any of these, THE RIGHT SPINAL CLINIC can help you!


The answer to this is right after the accident. There are two reasons why you should receive medical attention immediately after a slip and fall accident.

The first reason is because of your health. Some injuries may go unnoticed before being diagnosed. If left untreated, these injuries can turn into a more serious problem. You may think that the pain you're experiencing is just minor. However, without a diagnosis, you'll never know if your pain is hiding a broken bone, damaged tissues, or something worse.
The second reason is for a more successful insurance claim. Your attorney would advise you to seek medical attention right after or within the first few days after the accident. The longer it takes for you to get medical attention, the more unfavorable the outcome for your claim becomes.

Slip and fall injuries should be treated immediately to prevent them from worsening and causing limitations in your daily life. Not only that, but they may also result in more expensive medical bills, loss of income, and longer rehabilitation. If ever you experience a slip and fall accident, get your injuries treated, and contact your attorney as soon as possible.


Having a basic understanding of your injuries can help you describe your damages to your doctor and lawyer. This allows them to better create a treatment program for you and prepare your claim for compensation.

Cuts and Bruises

Cuts or bruises may not seem like severe injuries. It is somewhat expected to have bruises on your arms, legs, or hips after a slip and fall accident. However, these injuries can still cause you pain and disfigurement. There are even times when they are hiding a more serious injury underneath your skin. So always have them checked by your doctor. It's also important to include pictures of your cuts and bruises when documenting your injuries for filing a claim.

Strained Muscles, Tendons, or Ligaments

During a slip and fall, our reflexes might kick in to protect us. We sometimes stretch our hands out or twist our bodies to slow the fall. Unfortunately, twisting and stretching during a slip and fall may cause more damage. It can lead to strained muscles, stretched tendons, or torn ligaments. These may seem like minor injuries but they can create significant problems mainly because they take a long time to heal.

Broken Bones

Broken bones can occur when a strong force hits the body. In a slip and fall accident, the collarbone, forearm, wrist, ankle, and hip are the most likely to incur broken bones. Worse is when you break these parts, it's also possible for the surrounding tissues to get damaged. This may cause chronic pain and limitations on your movements.

Dislocated Shoulder

There are times when you fall, you'll hit your shoulders first. Even though the impact does not fracture your collarbones, it might dislocate your shoulder. A dislocated shoulder needs treatment immediately. The rehabilitation might take weeks, but it's better to start early and prevent further damage on your shoulder and the surrounding tissues.

Knee Damage

During a slip and fall, you might hit the ground first with your knees or twist them. Depending on how hard the impact is, it's possible to damage the ligaments on your knees. These injuries will take a long time to heal. Worse is if you fracture your patella (kneecap) which requires reconstructive surgery to fix.

Fractured Tailbone

We all know how painful it can be to fall on your bottom. However, if the impact is strong enough, the fall might cause fractures on your tailbone. This will result in you having difficulties in living your daily life. You'll feel pain when sitting, standing, using the toilet, even when sleeping.

Fractured Hip

Although it can happen to anyone, a fractured hip is more common in the elderly. This is because the older you get, the thinner and weaker your bones become. A fractured hip might need surgery depending on the severity of the injury. Your doctor would then ask you to start doing physical therapy to regain strength and mobility.

Spine Damage

Spine damage is one of the most severe injuries you'll get from a slip and fall accident. If you fall flat on your back, your spine will bear most of the impact. This could result in a slipped disc, fractured vertebra, or worse, permanent damage on your spinal cord. It's important to immediately seek medical attention when you fall to help lessen the damage.

Traumatic Brain Injury

There are instances when you won't have time to catch yourself during a slip and fall accident. If this happens, you might hit your head on the ground or any hard surfaces. You'll probably feel a mild headache at first, but a traumatic brain injury can also occur. If left untreated, a traumatic brain injury can lead to more serious issues. Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include: 

  • Dizziness¬†
  • Nausea
  • Loss of balance
  • Intense headaches
  • Listlessness

If you've recently been in a slip and fall accident and you sustained injuries that need medical treatments and therapy, schedule an appointment with us so we can start working on your recovery quickly.

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There are certain things that you need to do immediately after a slip and fall accident. Particularly if you get injured and the accident happened in someone else's property. Delaying the following actions after the accident can cause you to lose your case, regardless if you've incurred serious injuries.

Seek Medical Treatment

Your health is your number one priority after a slip and fall accident. Even if you don't have visible injuries, there may be underlying damages that can only be detected once you get diagnosed.

If ever you want to seek compensation for your injuries, your doctor can help provide you with the medical evidence you need. For every day that you spend not seeing a doctor for your injuries, the value of your claim lessens.

Report Your Slip and Fall Accident

Regardless of where your accident happened, you should report it to the owner, manager, or landlord. Whoever is in charge of the property should be able to provide you a copy of the accident's written report. If you were not able to get this before leaving the premises, make sure to obtain it at least within a day after the accident. Also, remember to never sign anything until you've spoken with your attorney.

Document Everything

Take lots of photos. Pictures of the scene of the accident and of what could have caused you to slip and fall are good evidence for your claim. These photos should be done quickly after the accident. Otherwise, the owner of the property might just fix or clean whatever it is that caused you to fall. Also, remember to take photos of any visible injuries.

Collect names, contact details, and addresses of any potential witnesses. as their words could help prove your claim. Take notes of everything before and during the accident.

Keep the clothes and shoes you were wearing during the accident in a safe place. Take photos of them as well. You may be able to use them as evidence later.

Take detailed notes of everything. An example would be what were you doing before the accident, the date and time, the way you fell, and anything else that you might need for your claim. Be as accurate as you can be.

Decline From Giving Out Statements

Take the information you need from the owner, manager, or witnesses about the accident. However, limit the information that you give out. Your words can sometimes be used against you so be careful.

Consult With An Attorney

Your attorney can protect your rights and give you legal advice.
Slip and Fall - worry doctor


If you are currently experiencing pain from a slip and fall accident, and you want to prevent further damage, then The Right Spinal Clinic can help you.

At the Right Spinal Clinic, we are equipped with the latest technology in detecting hidden injuries from slip and fall accidents. This can be used to provide targeted treatment on the injured area and as proof for any legal claims.

The safe and non-invasive techniques used by our team of professional doctors, chiropractors, and therapists can help to alleviate pain, increase range of motion, and accelerate the body's natural ability to heal. All to eventually give you back your capability to live your daily life without limitations.

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