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Therapeutic exercises are different from what most of the people consider exercise. They are specific exercises meant for correcting specific problems. The main focus of therapeutic exercises is on regaining flexibility, strength and endurance associated with specific physical problems.

Therapeutic exercises are the systematic and planned performance of body movements or exercises which aim to enhance and restore physical function. Exercise is described as “an activity performed to develop or improve a specific function or skill to develop and maintain fitness.

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Purpose of Therapeutic Exercises

The ultimate goal of therapeutic exercises is achieving an optimal level of symptoms free movement during basic to complex physical activities. Several other goals of therapeutic exercises include:

  • Improving and restoring physical function
  • Preventing loss of function
  • Improving general health condition, fitness and sense of well-being
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Benefits of Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises provide several benefits to athletes, people who have recently had surgery, people who have had an accident that restricts movement, and anyone who has issues with musculoskeletal functions. These benefits could include:

Recovery from the effects of a stroke

One of the common effects of a stroke is reduced movement in your limbs or extremities. These types of exercises can help you to regain strength and improve flexibility in the affected parts.

Recovery from sports-related injuries

Injuries acquired during sports and other heavy-duty physical activities can be treated using exercises. Physical therapy can also be used to prevent injuries in athletes.

Reduction or elimination of pain

Therapeutic exercises can also be used to help treat painful joints and muscles. Manual therapy techniques like soft tissue and joint mobilization can help relieve stiffness and pain and keep aches from returning.

Managing lung and heart disease

Therapeutic exercises can also help people with heart and lung problems. By focusing on conditioning, strengthening, and breathing, these exercises help in improving the quality of life in people with lung or heart disease.

Types of Therapeutic Exercises

Strengthening exercises

Assist with improving strength with emphasis on dosing to match the wants of patient stated goals. This type of exercise aims to make you stronger than you were before you became injured. Strength also will help to supply active stability around joints and prevent future injuries to occur.

Endurance exercises

Aim to develop endurance when necessary in target muscle groups – especially important in endurance athletes and low back pain patients. Endurance helps the muscle build tolerance to continuous contraction.

Flexibility exercises

Help to revive tissue extensibility to allow patients to maneuver through a greater range of motion.

Balance and coordination

Help patients to maintain their center of gravity, and help improve balance and posture, making coordination easier in cases when this ability has been lost. They tend to require a lot of concentration.

Choosing the Best Exercises for You

How do you know the best exercises which are specific to your condition?

Consult with your physical therapist to find out the best therapeutic exercise for you. A good therapist will be able to assess your condition accurately and prescribe the right therapeutic exercise for your specific conditions. Most of the exercises that your physical therapist will prescribe you will be very important for the success of your rehabilitation so make sure you find the time to do the exercises diligently.

For a better recovery process, proactively ask your therapist why he or she thinks the exercises they are recommending will help your specific condition or injury. This will also help in understanding exactly why it's important to do the exercises.
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