Vibration Therapy

What is Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy in female patient

Vibration therapy is a safe and non-invasive procedure that promotes healing and pain relief. Using low-frequency vibration (4.5 Hertz), this modality helps relax compressed tissues and restore its functionality.

This procedure can help repair damaged soft tissues which cause pain, inflammation, and a limitation on your range of motion. This modality uses mechanical force to increase blood flow to afflicted areas of your body, accelerating its healing process. It also provides remarkable benefits for your spine and joints. A few minutes on a vibration platform can relieve chronic pain, allowing tensed muscles and nerves to relax.

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Vibration Therapy Technique

Vibrations are a difficult technique. For this reason, many practitioners do not include it in their practice or they use electrical devices for vibrations. There are a few types of vibrations depending on the frequency.

Depending on frequency there are different ways of performing massage vibrations and different effects obtained. Some of the benefits of vibrations include: relaxation, improved nerve function, muscle relaxation and it can affect equally, superficial body parts as well as internal organs.

In fact, this is the only technique where a physical therapist can be successfully replaced by a machine.
Vibration Therapy technique

How does Vibration Therapy Works?

Vibration therapy can be categorized into two types: whole-body and localized.

On a whole-body vibration therapy, your physical therapist will ask you to stand on a mechanical vibrating platform. The frequency of the vibration will be pre-adjusted based on the designed program for your condition.

As the machine vibrates, energy will course through your whole body, causing your muscles to contract and relax rapidly. These rapid contractions will increase blood flow and improve your muscle tone. The vibrations will work on your muscles, tendons, discs, and ligaments all at the same time. The sensation might feel like you are exerting effort without actually stressing your body.

On the other hand, localized vibration therapy uses a hand-held vibrating device that will be applied directly to a certain part of your body.


This therapy is often combined with other treatment modalities like massage therapy and stretching to manage and heal soft-tissue injuries. 

Medications like muscle-relaxants, anti-inflammatories, and pain relievers, although helps alleviate pain, do not improve the condition of injured tissues. However,  is one of the best ways to help injuries get the blood they need for accelerated and proper healing.


Research has shown that this technique can reduce the production of cortisol, which is the body's stress hormone. Other benefits of vibration therapy include:
  • Reduced tension and inflammation, which improves the body's flexibility
  • Increased production of osteoblasts (bone-producing cells)
  • Improved balance
  • Improved mineral density in the bones, which helps prevent fracturing
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