Top 5 Benefits of Physical Therapy

August 10, 2022

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The Right Spinal Clinic specializes in creating personalized physical therapy programs in Tampa. We have licensed physical therapists ready to help you every step of the way. Here are the benefits you can get from our physical therapy services:

1. Physical Therapy Can Help You Recover From a Traumatic Event

Whether you were hurt at your workplace or are suffering from pain or discomfort due to a car accident or sports injury, we can help! Our physical therapy treatments can help reduce symptoms of various injuries or adverse events. We will assess your condition to ensure a safe and successful recovery.

2. Physical Therapy Can Lower Your Risk of Aggravating Your Injury

Risk assessment and education are part of our Tampa physical therapy programs. Allow our physical therapists to educate you about proper movements to avoid aggravating your injury.

3. Physical Therapy Can Improve Mobility and Balance

Many people, particularly older patients, receive physical therapy as a form of preventative care. The objective is to help them move around safely without the need for walkers or canes. Physical therapy programs can also help them improve their balance and prevent falls.

4. Physical Therapy Can Reduce Chronic Pain

Like chiropractic care, physical therapy programs follow a holistic approach to alleviating chronic pain and discomfort. It’s been proven effective for treating symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia and other health conditions.

5. Physical Therapy Can Help Improve Athletic Performance

Physical therapy programs are not only for treating injuries. Even professional athletes benefit from such treatments. Whether you need to improve your endurance, body conditioning, or strength, our dynamic team is ready to help you achieve your desired goals!

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