What Is Deep Tissue Massage and Its Benefits

October 28, 2020

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What Is Deep Tissue Massage


As the name implies, deep tissue massage targets the deeper tissues of the muscles. It requires slower and more intense pressure to be applied to the afflicted area.

The goal of deep tissue massage is to break down muscle adhesions that can accumulate after an accident or a chronic illness.

By following the grain of the muscle, deep tissue massage relaxes stiff muscle tissues and relieves the pain that goes with it.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage


Enhances Function and Mobility

Deep tissue massage breaks up scar tissue by improving circulation and draining toxins... ...thus increasing the range of motion in the affected areas.


Alleviates Pain

Tensed muscles can lead to chronic pain. Deep tissue massage alleviates pain by loosening up tight tissue clusters.


Better Mood 

Massage increases the release of "feel good" hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.  At the same time, it helps flush cortisol out of the body which decreases stress and pain.


Better Sleep

Since your muscles are relaxed and pain-free, your mind will also feel at ease, which contributes to better sleep.


Improves Overall Health

Deep tissue massage helps decrease blood pressure and improves lung function. By removing toxins from your body, it improves your recovery process and, at the same time, helps prevent injuries.

There’s no need to worry about the medical fees. A workers’ compensation physician understands that the treatment fee comes after the claim is approved.

They can even provide you with the documentation needed to prove your injuries in court.

Are you suffering from chronic pain?  A deep tissue massage might be just what you need.

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