6 Misconceptions About Physical Therapy

November 4, 2020

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Misconception #1: Physical Therapy Is For Serious Injuries Only.

Fact: Physical therapy is a great way to heal from serious injuries faster and safer. But physical therapy is not limited to just that. It is also used to evaluate, diagnose, and treat physical issues such as chronic headaches, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. Physical therapy also helps in preventing injuries, improving our balance, movement, flexibility, and overall health and well-being.

Misconception #2: Physical Therapy Is Painful.

Fact: The main goal of physical therapy is to reduce or eliminate your pain to help you heal and restore your movement and functioning. There may be times when therapy is a bit uncomfortable, but your physical therapist will constantly check on you to make sure that they are working within your pain threshold.

Misconception #3: I Can Do Physical Therapy Myself.

Fact: Your participation is important for a successful treatment plan. However, you need the skills and expertise of a licensed physical therapist to ensure that your rehabilitation is done properly and safely.

Misconception #4: Any Healthcare Professional Can Perform Physical Therapy.

Fact: No. Physical therapists need to get a doctorate and pass the state licensure exam to become certified. They create a personalized treatment plan that helps improve the patient’s ability to move, restore function, reduce pain, and prevent disabilities or illnesses. Physical therapists have the training and skills to diagnose and treat any individual from newborn to old age.

Misconception #5: Physical Therapy Consists Only Of Exercises.

Fact: No. Physical therapy is more than just exercises. It also consists of patient education and manual therapy for an effective and safe recovery. Besides, the exercises performed in physical therapy are not just any exercises. They are specifically customized for the patient’s needs.

Misconception #6: Physical Therapy Is Not Covered By Insurance.

Fact: Some forms of physical therapy are covered by most insurance companies. Physical therapy is also known to reduce expensive medical costs by avoiding unnecessary hospital visits, surgeries, and medications.

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