How to Boost Your Immune System

January 17, 2022

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There is no doubt that this pandemic outbreak has changed our lives. It has also reminded us that humans are vulnerable and that we should always take care of our bodies.

Good day, Tampa Bay, and happy New Year! We hope everyone is safe and healthy. Today, we will give you some proven tips for boosting your immune system in Tampa so you can stay safe and healthy throughout the year!


Tip #1: Get Enough Sleep 

Having enough sleep is important to your body’s immune system. In fact, poor quality sleep makes you vulnerable to various illnesses.

Several studies show that adults who slept fewer than 6 hours each night were more likely to catch a cold than those who slept 6 hours or more.

Ideally, adults should have at least 7 hours of sleep each night, while teens need 8 hours of sleep, and younger children and infants should have more than 10 hours of sleep.


Tip #2: Eat More Whole Plant Foods 

Whole plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes are packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants that can give you an upper hand against harmful pathogens!


Tip #3: Eat Healthy Fats 

Take note that not all fats are harmful to your body. Healthy fats can be found in numerous food sources such as olive oil, salmon, and many more. These power foods can  help boost your immunity and reduce inflammation.


Tip #4 Supply Your Body with more Fermented Foods or Take a Probiotic Supplement 

Fermented foods such as yogurt, natto, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi contain beneficial bacteria that can improve your digestive tract.

Several studies show that healthy gut bacteria can help your immune cells differentiate between normal healthy cells and harmful organisms.


Tip #5: Exercise or Stay Active 

Several studies have shown that regular exercise or being active can boost the effectiveness of vaccines. This is ideal, especially for people with compromised immune systems.

Staying physically active may also help reduce inflammation and help your immune cells regenerate quickly.


Tip #6: Try Some Innovative Healthcare Treatments 

IV drip therapy and cryotherapy are some of the most popular healthcare treatments today. These programs have shown great results for many years now. Even professional athletes include these treatments as part of their health and wellness regime.

Following these tips can help you stay strong and healthy. Ready to start your health and wellness journey? Call us at (813) 582-7000 to schedule an appointment or visit

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