How do I know if I need a chiropractic adjustment

October 21, 2020

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Chiropractic adjustment can alleviate a variety of health conditions. It helps people suffering from chronic pain to stop taking painkillers and return to their daily activities healthy with full energy.

But chiropractic adjustment is not only for treating chronic conditions. Regular visits to a chiropractor can prevent alignment and posture problems, which improves the quality of life of every patient.

Why See A Chiropractor?

There are various reasons to go and see a chiropractor in Tampa. The following advantages make chiropractic adjustments the desirable option in treating your conditions:

  • Risk-free
  • Drug-free
  • Prevents surgery
  • Reliefs pain when other methods fail
  • Can be a part of complex treatment

When to Get A Chiropractic Adjustment

Still, many people hesitate to make a chiropractor’s appointment. They probably know about chiropractic due to videos of people getting the treatment, and the cracking sounds can be pretty intimidating.

As it’s an unfamiliar treatment option for many, it can be confusing when to ask for help from a chiropractor. These are some of the most common health conditions and symptoms that will make you consider getting a chiropractic adjustment:

Back pain

Lower back pain is the most common problem treated by chiropractors. They are specifically trained to realign the spine, which leads to pain relief and improvement of joint movement. If your problem is back pain, and especially if it’s chronic, going to a chiropractor is the best option for you. Don’t wait until it gets worse and brings you other health problems.

Chronic neck pain

Neck pain can arise not only from injuries, but also from poor postural habits, and even certain chronic diseases such as arthritis. Your chiropractor will find the cause of your pain and then treat you with chiropractic adjustment techniques. They can also give you advice on how to keep your neck and spine healthy with the help of exercises, diet, and other changes to your lifestyle.


Headaches often arise from neck and back problems. If your migraines are persistent and you find yourself taking painkillers often, let a chiropractor relieve your pain. A few regular appointments can make your life easier, make you more active, and less stressed all due to headache relief.

Muscle and joint pain

Even though the spine is the most common object of chiropractic adjustment, the treatment isn’t limited to that part of your body. For example, wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, which is treated surgically otherwise, can be relieved by chiropractors. If any of your muscles are sore, ask help from a chiropractor. They will examine you and assign you a treatment to alleviate your pain.

Joint stiffness

Even if your joints are not hurting, but you noticed a decrease in their range of motion can be a worrisome sign. The main aim of a chiropractic adjustment is to return mobility to joints; hence chiropractic care is the best treatment for this problem.

Other circumstances where a visit to a chiropractor can be beneficial and prevent bigger problems include the following:

  • Your job or lifestyle requires sitting down for long periods
  • You often engage in tasks that require repetitive movements
  • You are physically active, often to the point of feeling weary
  • You have recently been a victim of a car or slip and fall accidents
Workers’ compensation physicians usually stay in a facility where you’ll find everything you need for your recovery.

At The Right Spinal Clinic, your treating physician works together with your physical therapist from initial visit through the whole healing process.

Can you relate to any of these points? Do you have any other concerns related to your health? Let our chiropractors help you!

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