How DynaROM Helps With Your Insurance Claims

December 2, 2020

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DynaROM, which stands for Dynamic Range of Motion, is an FDA-approved medical examination that shows the exact location and impact of a soft tissue injury. It does this by measuring muscle guarding and range of motion at the same time in a moving patient.

DynaROM is a great advance in technology since it transforms subjective issues into tangible evidence. In a court, it can be difficult to show the legitimacy of your pain especially if there are no visible injuries. However, DynaROM can provide you with the proof you need for your insurance claims.

How do DynaROM exams work?

Your doctor will attach electrodes to the skin around the injured area. Then, you will be asked to perform various movements three times for 30 seconds each. These movements are used for measuring joint flexion, rotation, and extension.

The results of the test are two graphs. The upper half represents muscle guarding and the lower half, range of motion. The range of motion is measured in degrees and shows how far you can bend compared to the normal range of a joint. Muscle guarding is a natural mechanism of our body in response to pain. It will show whether you felt discomfort while performing the movements mentioned above.

Benefits of DynaROM

  • It’s non-invasive. The DynaROM exam is completely safe and even pregnant women can undergo it without any risk.
  • Court-admissible proof of injury. DynaROM is recognized by the American Medical Association. The data that it provides is accepted as legal evidence for soft tissue injuries. If you’re filing an insurance claim or any lawsuit that requires proof of your injuries, DynaROM will be able to provide detailed information about your damages and how they affect your ability to move.
  • Detects hidden injuries. The flaw of other similar tests is that they only measure the patient’s range of movement. But DynaROM measures both range of motion and muscle guarding at the same time. Muscle guarding is definitive proof of pain.
  • Cost-effective. The benefits that you get if you win your case with the help of DynaROM are far greater compared to the price of getting the exam.
  • Easy to understand. The graphs are colored and presented in a way that even juries with no knowledge of medicine can understand.
Insurance claims can be stressful. Adding that to the pain that you are already feeling can be overwhelming. Let The Right Spinal Clinic help lessen your burden. Obtain the proof that you need with our DynaROM testing. Schedule an appointment today by calling (813) 392 2164.

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