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February 21, 2022

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Are you tired of constant shaving, waxing, or tweezing and now looking for a better option to remove unwanted hair? You might want to consider getting laser treatment. Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly used cosmetic procedures. It is popular in Tampa, Fl because it removes hair using light energy, making for a faster, longer-lasting, and cleaner procedure.

In today's blog, we will discuss the hard cold facts of laser hair removal. Is it really a permanent hair removal? How much does the laser treatment cost? Is it painful? Read on to learn more about these laser treatments.


What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal treatments are considered a medical procedure. As the name implies, it uses laser or laser beams to remove unwanted hair. During hair removal laser treatments, a laser produces a light, targeting the pigment in the hair (only the hair follicle). This energy source converts to intense pulsed light or heat, which damages hair follicles and delays future hair growth.

Laser hair removal can efficiently delay hair growth for a long period of time. However, keep in mind that results may vary from one person to another-- and it may not always result in permanent hair removal.  For instance, some people may need multiple laser hair removal treatments or maintenance laser treatments to achieve the best results.


Why Laser Hair Removal is Done?

Laser hair removal treatments are done for permanent hair reduction. Common areas of laser hair removal include legs, armpits, chin, upper lip, and the bikini line. It is also possible to get laser hair removal treatment in almost any body area, except the eyelid or surrounding area. Skin that is covered with tattoos should not get laser hair removal treatment.

Hair and skin color or skin tones can be a factor in the results of your treatment. For instance, laser treatments have been more effective for people who have light skin and dark hair or fine hair. The main objective of the treatment is to precisely target laser light to the pigment of the hair (hair follicles), not the skin. That's why a contrast between light skin tones and dark hair shows better results. However, technological advancements have produced improved results for people with darker complexions, so this treatment option is now effective for more people than ever before.

The risk of skin damage is higher when there is only a small contrast between hair and skin color. The treatment may also be less effective for hair colors that do not absorb well. Such colors include blonde, white, red, and gray.

But, thanks to technological advancements laser hair removal treatments have made huge improvements over the years. At The Right Spinal Clinic, laser hair removal treatment also shows great results for people with dark skin or any skin type.

Is Laser Hair Removal the Best Option for Me?

Before you undergo this treatment, it is advisable to do your research. Always weigh your options and prioritize safety. To help you out, let us discuss the pros and cons of laser hair removal treatment. This should help you make more informed decisions.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

1. Speed

For most people, laser hair removal is the fastest solution to remove unwanted body hair. Yes, you may need to undergo multiple treatments but sessions usually only take a few minutes, depending on the treatment area.

2.  Painless

"Laser beam" or "intense pulsed light" may sound intimidating but believe it or not many people find laser hair removal practically painless. It is less painful than other methods like shaving or waxing. Depending on your pain tolerance, you may feel a little discomfort. But since most sessions won't take that long, many people find it easy to endure.

3. Eliminate Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hair is another problem in traditional hair removal methods like shaving and waxing. Laser hair removal can efficiently eliminate and prevent ingrown hair for long periods.

4. Saves Time

Traditional hair removal methods like plucking, tweezing, or waxing usually require a little bit of regrowth in between sessions. On the other hand, you can have flawless, smooth skin with laser hair removal anytime you want.

5. Long-Term Solution

This is where laser hair removal beats other methods. Laser hair removal treatment can provide you with long-lasting results. In some cases, you may notice hair regrowth and may need a touch-up after several months or years down the line. Still, many people will attest that laser hair removal is the best long-term solution for removing unwanted body hair.

6. Cost-Efficient

Since laser hair removal can provide you with long-lasting results, it is also cost-efficient.  Think about it, you can actually save hundreds or thousands of dollars since you won't be needing monthly waxing or razor refills!

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

1. It can be a Long Process

Laser hair removal can be a long process, especially if you have dark skin. Though some people see results immediately, for some people, it can take about 4-6 weeks to see actual results. Keep in mind that each body part has different growth rates. Some treated hair areas may take longer than expected.

2. It is Usually More Expensive Upfront

Laser hair removal is a good beauty investment. However, it requires more money upfront.

3. It may Cause Wounds, Burns or Injuries

Beware of untrained technicians who claim they can perform laser hair removal. There are many cases reported of skin injuries because of this. Improper practice of laser hair removal can result in burns or scars on the skin. To protect your skin, make sure to go with experienced professionals from your first treatment to your last.

All in all, the benefits of laser hair removal can outweigh the disadvantages. While laser hair removal is a safe procedure, it is imperative to choose a reputable beauty and wellness center.

Does Hair Grow Back After the Laser Treatment?

The most straightforward answer is yes-- hair regrows after the treatment. Laser hair removal may not be a permanent solution--but for most patients, it is still the best long-term solution for removing hair. In addition, keep in mind that this is not usually a one-off treatment. Again, many patients are required to undergo maintenance sessions to achieve optimal or permanent results.

For patients with thick and coarse hair, the ones that usually grow back after the treatment are finer and lighter hair. Just observe the treated area and follow the post-treatment instructions provided by the clinic.

How Many Sessions Do I Need to See Results?

Again, there are many factors that can impact results. Some of these factors include skin types, hair color, laser technology and methods used to reduce unwanted hair and the treated areas.  Another thing to consider is the patient's hair growth.

On average, you can take 9 to 12 sessions to reduce or eliminate hair. Experts usually space out the sessions to allow the skin to recover and avoid irritation. However, you can still go back to your normal activities after the treatment.

People with faster hair growth may need more sessions to achieve the significant hair removal effect. The same thing goes for people who have darker skin. Your treatment will be scheduled every 6-8 weeks.. During follow-up treatments, physician assistants or your laser hair removal technician need to observe hair follicles.

Don't get discouraged if you notice growth after a few days. During this stage, the untreated hair follicle will go on a growth spurt. That's why you need to undergo multiple laser treatments.

Will There be Side Effects?

Up until today, reports of permanent side effects are very rare and typically occur due to an inexperienced laser hair removal technician-- or not following pre and post-treatment guidelines. Here are the most common side effects that you may encounter along the way:

  • Redness or swelling
  • Blistering
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Purpura

These are the usual side effects after a laser hair removal treatment but they should not last more than a few days. If they do, consult a physician or a dermatologist right away.

How Much Does it Cost?

The average cost of laser hair removal treatment in Tampa, Florida can range from $250 to $500 per session for most patients.  Rates may also vary depending on your hair growth, skin type, and desired results.

Preparation: Before and After the Treatment 

There are steps you need to take before and after the treatment. Your practitioner or beauty technician should explain each step for safe and successful sessions.


  • Avoid sun exposure, including tanning bed, direct sunlight, and spray tans at least 10 days before the actual treatment.
  • Be sure you are not wearing makeup before and during the treatment.
  • Avoid applying any skin products,  as well.
  • Your practitioner may also recommend shaving the area to be treated prior to the procedure.
  • If you're taking any medication, be sure to inform the clinic, as well.



  • You should also avoid UV exposure after the treatment for at least a month or two. If you need to go outside, be sure to wear sunscreen with SPF 25 higher.
  • Gently clean the treated skin using a mild soap. Treated areas should only be patted dry and not rubbed during the first two days.
  • Do not put makeup, deodorant, lotion, skin lightening cream, and other skincare products on the treated area for at least one day.
  • Avoid touching, rubbing, or scratching the treated skin.


Laser Hair Removal in Tampa

If you are looking for a reputable laser hair removal clinic in Tampa, The Right Spinal Clinic is your go-to destination! Here, we use advanced laser technology to provide our patients with the best results. Whether you have dark hair or light-colored hair, our laser hair removal procedure is effective for any hair color or skin tone! Call us now to book an appointment!

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