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"After several injuries in a car accident few months later I am healthy and feeling great! Who would have thought Physical Therapy could do such wonders?!"
SofĂ­a Gonzalez, TV Writer and The Right Spinal Clinic patient.

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Better movement
Improve mobility, balance, and posture. Let your body be free again.
relieve pain naturally
Alleviate physical pain without relying on medication.
avoid surgeries
Avoid expensive surgeries while recovering from injuries.
Massage Therapy
Improves blood circulation, muscle recovery, range of motion, and endorphin levels. It helps with insomnia and to relieve stress and pain.
Restores the interaction between muscles, brain, and nerves. Improve the body's movement, strength, balance, and function.
Myofascial Release
Massage technique applied when the patient is experiencing chronic pain from repetitive muscle tension.
Systematic body movements to restore and maintain strength, flexibility, endurance, stability, and balance.
Manual Therapy
It helps in increasing joint mobility and reducing muscle tension so that the patient can move freely without limitations and discomfort caused by pain.
Deep Tissue Massage
Aims to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. For patients suffering from persistent stiffness and soreness after an accident or injury.
Microscopic vibrations to promote soft tissue healing. It helps in relieving pain from scar tissue and conditions such as sprains, bursitis, osteoarthritis, and others.
Vasopneumatic Device Therapy
It is used to treat a variety of medical conditions including swollen limbs due to injuries and to prevent blood clots.
Electrical Stimulation
Reduce pain, improve circulation, repair tissues, and strengthen muscles. It is used to aid other physical therapies.
Vibration Therapy
Promotes healing and pain relief. Helps relax compressed tissues and restore its functionality, while reducing inflammation, improving balance, and more.
Mechanical Traction
Release pressure off the spine or any targeted areas. It's a non-surgical procedure that helps alleviate joints pains and muscle spasms.
Gait Training
Helps strengthen and improve a person's ability to stand and walk. It helps in strengthening the muscles and joints, and in enhancing posture and balance.
Heat Therapy
It provides both pain relief and healing by improving circulation and increasing blood flow to a particular area using heat.
Cold Therapy
Temporarily reduces nerve activity and decreasing blood flow to the wounded area, reducing inflammation and swelling that causes pain.
Paraffin Bath
Reduces joint pain, relieves stiffness, stimulates circulation, and moisturizes the skin. Also prescribed for chronic pain conditions such as arthritis.
Cold Laser Therapy
Helps soft tissue healing and reduce inflammation. Used for minor injuries, sprains, skin rejuvenation, alleviating pain, and acupuncture.
Used to administer medication through your skin. It helps decrease pain and muscle spasm, treat fungal infection, scar tissues, and excessive sweating.
Self-Care (ADL)
Improve an individual's ability to perform daily activities. Includes improving muscle strength, range of motion, flexibility, balance, and endurance.
Kinesiology Taping
Reduce pain and inflammation, enhance physical performance, prevent injury, promote good circulation and healing.