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Get the proper nutrition your body needs. With our Nutritionist and Dietitian Support, you'll get the sustenance you require after surgery. You'll also have lesser hospital days and fewer complications.

What is nutritionist and dietitian support?

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Nutritionist and Dietitian Support is a treatment for people who have trouble getting enough food into their bodies. The goal of nutritional support is to restore cellular function and to replete lost tissues. The amount, type, and route of nutrition are customized for each patient. Nutrients can be provided by either enteral or parenteral routes.

Food is essential for a person to stay alive. However, there are cases when a person cannot eat because of an illness. These might be because their stomach or bowel are not working right, or they had surgery that involves removing these organs. They may also have trouble swallowing, don't have an appetite, or are severely malnourished. Under such conditions, food must be supplied in a different approach.

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Nutritionist and Dietitian Support for Nurturing a patient under critical condition

Parenteral Nutrition

Parenteral nutrition is done when the patient cannot use their gut to absorb nutrients. The nutrients will be in a special liquid mixture given directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous catheter in the vein.

Patients can go on parenteral nutrition for as long as they need it. Most of the time though, it will be used for a short time only and then slowly lessened until eventually halting it when the patient begins to normally eat again.

Enteral Nutrition

Enteral nutrition is also called "tube feeding". The mixture for enteral nutrition is thicker than parenteral nutrition. It is fed to the patient through a tube that goes into the stomach or small intestine. Same as parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition can be done as long as the patient needs it or for a short time until the patient eats normally again.
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Nutritionist and Dietitian support for Nurturing a patient after critical condition


Once the patient is able to eat, oral nutritional support will be given. On the first day of realimentation, only half the recommended daily dosage of energy, carbohydrates, fat, and proteins will be fed to the patient. The dosage will gradually increase within 3-5 days or as soon as tolerated. However, if intake is inadequate, supplementary enteral or parenteral feeding may be needed.


The impacts of nutritional support will be monitored using:
Blood sugar for monitoring glucose tolerance and regulating sliding scale insulin treatment
Liver function tests and INR (measurement for how long it take for a blood clot to form) to detect early signs of hepatobiliary complications
Examination to monitor excess or lack of electrolytes, vitamins, and trace elements
Daily body weight and fluid balance monitoring to measure water balance
Monitoring of selenium, zinc, folate and vitamin B12 (for long-term feeding only)
Frequent monitoring of creatinine, urea, and electrolytes
Weekly monitoring of albumin levels
Once a week checking of serum for lipid clearance
Checking cholesterol and triglycerides levels four hours after the infusion has been stopped


Reduced Hospitalizations

A malnourished patient tends to have longer hospitalizations and more complications compared to a well-nourished patient. Nutritional support helps reduce hospital days by providing much-needed nourishments. This helps the body have the energy for recuperating.

Saves Money

Hospital stays and surgeries due to complications are expensive. Since nutritional support helps in reducing hospital days and complications, that means lesser medical expenses.

Provides Extra Energy

Nutritional support helps provide extra energy to patients, allowing them to survive from severe diseases. It also provides more time for treatments to take effect and improves the patient's health before they undergo surgery.

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