What Do Primary Care Physicians

October 14, 2020

Primary Care Physicians are the first person you can call for any health concerns.

They know how to treat a little bit of everything and they have connections to specialists if you need one.

Here are some of the actions a primary care physician do:

Provides Holistic Health Care

They treat people of all ages. Whether your health concerns are physical, mental, or emotional... you can count on them to help you. 


Provides Regular Checkups and Screenings

Regular checkups and screenings allow your primary care physicians to detect the early signs of any health conditions. 

This allows them to provide you with immediate care to prevent the issue from worsening. 


Manages Chronic Illnesses

Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease all need constant monitoring. 

Your Primary Care Physician helps by educating you on how the condition might affect your lifestyle, what preventative measures you should take, and how to better manage your chronic illness. 


Refers You To Specialists

Your primary care physician knows you and your condition very well. 

They know what kind of specialist you might need and can refer you to one directly. 


Helps Lessen Expensive Hospital or ER Visits

Studies show that people who regularly visit their primary care physicians have lesser hospital and ER visits... compared to those who don't have primary care doctors. 

Delaying medical care could worsen your condition which can lead to expensive hospital or ER visits. 

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