What Are the Activities of Daily Living?

November 18, 2020

ADL or Activities of Daily Living refers to the basic skills needed for independent daily functioning. 
ADL training is given to an elderly or disabled person who wants to regain their ability to be independent. 
There are 6 Activities of Daily Living
  1. Eating - Being able to feed yourself with nourishing food, but does not include the ability to prepare the meals.
  2. Bathing - The ability to maintain personal hygiene such as brushing your teeth, grooming, and showering. 
  3. Dressing - The ability to select and put on proper clothes for different occasions.
  4. Transferring - The ability to move from one position to another e.g. being able to lift yourself off the bed.
  5. Continence - Refers to being able to control bladder and bowel function.
  6. Toileting - Being able to go to the toilet when needed, use it properly, and clean one's self afterward. 
Learning two out of the six ADL makes the elderly or persons with disabilities eligible for most long-term care insurance coverage or assistance from the state and federally-funded government help.

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