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At The Right Spinal Clinic, we focus on you. You'll be working with a professional healthcare team who will treat you with compassion and ensure that you get exceptional individualized care every time. With our advanced technologies and procedures, you'll receive an accurate diagnosis, physical therapy and effective non-surgical treatment for your conditions. We are devoted to providing you with high-quality care, so you can focus on living a life you enjoy.

Fast and Safe Recovery From Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents Injury Care & Physical Therapy


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Auto accidents can be a terrifying experience. The medical treatments, legal actions, and expenses that come afterward may add to the stress as well. At The Right Spinal Clinic, we want to help you recover from this experience as soon as possible. You'll be treated and cared for by a team of healthcare professionals using modern equipment, safe procedures and physical therapy. Getting you back to your life without restrictions is what we aim for.
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Get the Correct and Effective Treatments for Your Pain

Slip and Fall Treatments & Physical Therapy


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Getting the correct medical treatment right after a slip and fall accident is important. Not only will this help in treating your bumps and bruises, but it will also help in detecting hidden injuries. If these hidden injuries are left untreated, you could suffer from chronic pain which will hinder you from your daily activities. At the Right Spinal Clinic, we have the technology that can help find hidden injuries. Our licensed physical therapist can then apply the right treatment to help you recover quickly and safely.
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Get Back to Work In Good Shape

Worker's Compensation Physical Therapy


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Work-related injuries not only affect your income, but also the quality of your daily life. At The Right Spinal Clinic, we understand that you would want to swiftly recover from your injuries so you can get back to work. That's why we provide the most advanced technologies and services when it comes to treating your work-related injuries. We can also provide you with the complete required paperwork needed for cases such as filing a claim.
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The Right Spinal Clinic is an accredited member of The Joint Commission. This means that all our patients will always receive safe, high-quality care and service aimed at improving their health and wellness.


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